Tips to Gain Weight

There are many people who are desperate to gain weight. They might have tried different kind of remedies, like high calories weight gain power, liver tablet, weight gain drinks, colon cleansing etc. But you should know that the main and basic way of weight gaining is to take calories more than you burn. This is the healthy and natural way, by not making any harm to your body when increasing your weight.

Before start giving tips to gain weight, we should know why we need to gain more weight. To determine that we are underweighted and need some extra pounds, there are some common measurements to check the weight against the height. You can check your weight according to your height. Some researcher says little less weight doesn’t harm anybody.

Gaining calories

When you are about taking some more calories, you need to do little calculation over here. In average a male need 2200 calories and woman needs 1900 calories. If you want to gain half kilo in a week, you need to take 1000 calories extra every day. So you need to eat a lot and try to eat at least 5 times in a day. This need of calories may change according your body need, height, weight, work level etc.

Smart food choice

Here are some tips to gain weight. To gain weight you have to choose food smartly. Like you should choose dairy products, meat and fish with bread, then eggs with vegetables. You should choose food which has high protein, like beans, pulses and peas etc. You should also choose which has high starch content, like rice, potatoes and tapioca etc.

To gain extra weight you should add more protein without decreasing the carbohydrate. Your body needs lots of protein to make muscles. And we all know most of the weight gain fats come from carbohydrate and fat. So, we shouldn’t replace them with protein.

One of the tip to gain weight is you have to take lots of snacks everyday with big meal. But here we shouldn’t take junk food. Instead of that we should take cheese sticks, milk shakes, muffins, dried fruits, yogurt, breakfast bars etc.

Fluids also help to gain more weight. So, you should take more and more fluids which will supply you good amount of nutrients and calories. So you can take milk, fresh fruit juice, energy drinks etc.

To gain more weight you might start exercise. Here aerobics are not suitable to increase weight. You have do extreme exercise to gain mass of muscles.

When you are exercising you should do free weight exercise instead of too much machine exercise. This way it will gain more muscles, like you need dumbbells than no other big machineries. Free exercise put stress on muscles, which simulate maximum muscle fiber, like squats, dead lifts, bench presses, barbell rows, pull ups, bar deeps etc. These exercises don’t need machineries but you should do all with a fitness supervisor. Don’t try any exercise by yourself. You don’t know which exercise is suitable for you and your body with your health condition.

Some people took supplements to gain more weight. Many athletics do also like that. These are not proven method to gain extra weight that it might have many side effects. So, before choosing any supplement you should consult with a doctor.

And mostly you have to be very patient and consistent; otherwise it will be very difficult to get any good result. It may take long time; if you are going for short cut then it may harmful for your body. Generally, to have good result you have to weight few months. Some people stop doing all when they don’t see any drastic result within few days. You must understand that your body will only response if they get good schedule. Your weight gain program won’t work if you are not regular in everything.

Here you must understand that your heredity do a major role in muscle gain. But with good dieting and exercising you can overcome this family tradition.

To keep your health sound you should try to follow healthy and natural weight gain program. Gaining weight isn’t any easy job to get easily and rapidly. You have to follow good rule in your diet and exercise and have to be consistent for long time to get good result.

Here one important tip is to think big to gain big, like you have to eat big, lift big continuously to gain big muscles. - Фотографии красивых интерьеров, стили дизайна.